Test~ (`-`*)/

Clothing by 2sanghaec, the77sim3. Thank you! :)

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[Test shot] I will not dare to say his name. lol

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Thank you for Mods!

and Hair by me.

He is dressed in winter clothing, but my place is in summer now. It’s very hot every day in Japan. (=_=;)

The Sims 3 “Cavallo” hair style.

For Allage and both genders. Enjoy~ :D

Thank you for model’s clothing by Weeky, ShojoAngel, and bukovka. And Thank you for Cazy's technical advice!

[Download page]

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Attention please
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In 21 July 2014  at 21:00 JST (UTC+9)

I’ve fixed female hair of Cavallo. Please download fix version, and overwrite new one. Thank you for your trouble in advance. m(_ _)m

Thank you for your like, reblog and comments. Although I can’t reply each comments, I’ve always read all comments while feeling happy.

This is a image test shot of a hair~. :D

Clothes by mitarasi (Not released on public yet.) Thank you!

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Hi, everyone! I’d like to introduce my friend’s works here today! :) I tried this hairstyle on my sim. (Then I added the second image) It’s so perfect! I’d like to really recommend it. XD

The Sims3 Hairstyle by Bucket

  • Model: Resident Evil6 Leon.Scott.Kennedy
  • Author: Bucket
  • Generation & gender: Teen to Elder for Male.

[Please download this from Bucket’s website]

The Sims3 T3k-Justawake hairstyle.

This hairstyle is a remake version of Tumblr3000. The mesh was modified. I added a new texture. (*These images are just dark and light hair color sample. This hairstyle is not bicolor.)

Tumblr3000 / T3k_RE / T3k_OR are all another project files. So you can use all files together. (There are not necessary to delete Tumblr3000 for using T3k.) Thank you. :D

[Download page]

*Test shot of a remake hair~ :D

Thank you for clothes by the77sim3.

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The Sims 3 Shikishima hair style.

For Allage and both genders. :)

[Download page]

Hello, everyone. :) Few days ago, I received a strange fan mail on Tumblr. Probably, I thought that it was just a spam mail. Even I didn’t delete it, but that message disappeared before I knew it. I wonder if my Tumblr account was hacked???  Or Tumblr’s stuff deleted it? (@_@) I’m not sure.

If someone received a strange message from me on Tumblr, please tell me it from mailform or comment form on my website. m(_ _)m

Thank you.

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Test (*-*)

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Dr. Shamal from Katekyo hitman reborn!

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Because it’s really perfect, I wanted to make his screenshots with The costume of Ace. XD These are sharing for a limited time. (June 20 to July 1, 2014.) Don’t miss it!

All of the clothing by simplenotesim404

Thank you for sharing amazing works!

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A student and his temporary tutor.

I tried it, but It was hard to make alike characters in the original work. (=_=)

Clothes by mitarasi Hairstyle by me.